"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get."
- Warren Buffett

Vimco Luxembourg S.A. is an independent asset management company with a distinctive approach focused on value investing and a unique customer service level. Value investing is at the core of our company, as Vimco is an abbreviation for Value Investment Management Company. The emphasis lies on achieving sustainable investment returns while controlling risks, with the goal of preserving capital and purchasing power. 

We offer discretionary wealth management services for private and corporate clients and manage tailor made mandates for institutional investors such as pension funds, family offices, insurance and investment companies.

Vimco has built an extensive customer base, consisting of institutional, professional, and private investors. The Vimco team has many years of investment experience with leading international banks and wealth management companies.

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Unique investment philosophy

Vimco is an active investor, focused on achieving above average returns in the long run. We specialize in value investing. This means that Vimco does not act on the fuss of the day, but rather employs solid research to find companies trading at a significant discount relative to their intrinsic value. This discount is known as the margin of safety, as the chance of further price decreases is limited.

The focus is on solid companies with proven business models and good management teams that generate steady cash flows and carry very little debt. Furthermore, these companies should have substantial competitive advantages.

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Many financial service providers offer a wide range of products, allowing different interests to intertwine and making one question their independence. Vimco can guarantee you complete independence, as we focus exclusively on asset management. We have no other interest than to provide our clients with the best return on their investment portfolios as possible. In the context of this independence, we therefore want to make it abundantly clear how we earn our money: purely with the asset management fee that the customer pays for us.

This independence also allows us to cooperate with a wide network of specialists, allowing us to provide our clients with the best advice at all times.

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Reliability is essential when entering into a relationship based on trust. Of course, this is paramount to Vimco as well. Reliability of our people, reliability of our investment policy and reliability of our services. After all, you trust us to preserve and appreciate your capital. Our goal is to enter into a long term relationship with our customers.

Vimco is licensed by the Luxembourg financial supervisory authority, the CSSF. This means that Vimco meets the quality standards of one of Europe's strictest regulators. Vimco, through its European passport, is authorized to carry out its investment services within the EU in free circulation.

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Tailor made solutions

Unlike other financial institutions, Vimco does not employ a fixed set of predetermined asset classes and industries or generic investment strategies. We distinguish ourselves by employing a bottom-up approach and actively responding to stock market opportunities.

Each portfolio is tailor made to the wishes, goals, risk profile and investment horizon of the customer. We visit our clients four times a year to keep constant track of whether these objectives are still valid. As such, the asset allocation is constantly adapted to the customer's requirements and appropriate solutions are always provided.

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Low and transparent fees

Vimco strives to keep its customers' costs as low as possible. We are fully transparent in the rates paid by our customers. The asset management costs amount to 1% of the total assets under management, which pays for our entire service level. This is billed on a quarterly basis, based on the account statement at the end of the quarter. 

Vimco does not charge any subscription or redemption fees for wealth management. Furthermore, Vimco does not charge any fees when the client wishes to terminate the agreement: the asset management contract can be canceled on a daily basis without any penalties.

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International orientation

Investors often choose to primarily focus their investments on their domestic stock market, as they are more familiar with these companies. Unknown, unloved. However, these investors risk missing out on interesting investing opportunities on international exchanges. Furthermore, they have a greater portfolio risk because of a lack of geographical diversification.

For these investors, the internationally oriented research team of Vimco offers the solution. Our asset managers have an international footing and obtain information regarding interesting investing ideas from all around the globe on a daily basis. In addition, the Vimco team is structurally present at global investment conferences, where interesting investment ideas are gained and the research network is expanded.

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Regular communication

With its high level of customer service, Vimco distinguishes itself from other financial institutions. Our asset managers visit out clients four times a year, at home or at the office, to discuss the investment portfolio and determine whether the investment objectives are still up to date. 

In addition, the Vimco team is always available for questions and comments. We strive to answer questions and customer requests within 24 hours. Furthermore, our customers receive monthly access to special investment analyses compiled by the Vimco research team. Customers are also regularly informed about the developments in their investment portfolios via a weekly newsletter.

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