• Visiting four times a year, at home or at the office, to review the portfolio
  • If desired, consulting the personal advisor at least once a year
  • Proactive insight into the chosen investments
  • High level of customer service in answering questions and wishes
  • The goal is to jointly build a long-term relationship based on mutual trust


  • Customized solutions for each specific investment objective
  • Free choice of a custodian bank
  • 24/7 online insight into the investment portfolio
  • Monthly access to analyses and reports from the Vimco research team, and even more frequent updates via the website and social media
  • The investment account is always registered in the client’s name
  • The contract is mutually cancellable on a daily basis
  • The minimum entry limit is €500.000


  • Full transparency regarding costs and investment policy
  • No subscription or redemption fees for wealth management
  • No performance fees on the achieved returns
  • The management fee amounts 1% of the invested capital, billed quarterly

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