International Value Investing Conference 2019 - Luxembourg

On Wednesday, November 6th, 2019 Vimco organizes the International Value Investing Conference (IVIC) 2019 in Luxembourg. The goal of the conference is to exchange ideas about value investing in an open and inspiring environment. Together with leading speakers from the world of value investing, the attendees will experience in-depth views as well as concrete investing ideas. Additionally, the IVIC provides ideal networking opportunities. The conference is preceded by an exclusive dinner with the speakers on Tuesday, November 5th, 2019.

The Speakers

Renowned speakers are, amongst others, Andrew Brenton (Turtle Creek Asset Management), Greggory Warren (Morningstar, member of the panel at the Berkshire Hathaway general meeting), Dr. Hendrik Leber (ACATIS), Andres Allende (Cobas Asset Management) en Alexander Roepers (Atlantic Investment Management). 

During a 30 minute presentation, each speaker provides interesting investing ideas/philosophies and discusses at least one compelling investment in an undervalued company of his/her own choosing. The goal is to understand how different investment professionals perform their due diligence and analyze potential companies to invest in.

The net proceeds of the conference will be donated to charity. This year, the Against Malaria Foundation has been selected by our charity committee. For more information about the foundation, please visit their website at:

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