With its location in Luxembourg, Vimco is situated in the middle of Europe's financial center, surrounded by leading private banks and investment funds. The area also consists of a large network of tax experts, lawyers and estate planners. The financial sector and the related service industry accounts for more than 80% of the country's GDP. Furthermore, Luxembourg is internationally renowned as the investment fund capital of the world.

As one of the few European countries with a triple-A credit rating and the lowest sovereign debt in relation to gross domestic product, Luxembourg is financially an extremely stable country. Moreover, due to its great political and social stability, the country guarantees an extraordinary effectiveness in the supervision of financial services providers.

The Luxembourg financial supervisory authority (CSSF) applies the strictest financial conditions within the European Union and a CSSF license allows an entity to act on all financial markets within the EU. Vimco has been granted such a license, and is therefore authorized to carry out its investment services in the European market in free circulation. In contrast to other financial regulatory bodies, the CSSF does not interfere with portfolio selection and composition of asset managers within its jurisdiction. 

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