Risk & return

The Vimco model portfolio consistently outperforms the benchmarks. Since 2007, the current model portfolio has achieved a cumulative return of over 122%. An investment worth € 1 million in the model portfolio at year-end 2006 would currently (end of July 2017) have appreciated to € 2.22 million.

For comparison: an investment in the benchmark indices MSCI World or the Euro Stoxx 50 would have appreciated to respectively € 1.96 million and € 1.29 million during the same period.

The following chart shows the development of a € 1 million investment in the model portfolio, the MSCI World index and the Euro Stoxx 50 index. To account for compounding dividends, the total return indices are used. An overview of the annual returns is also shown in the table below.



Disclaimer: the value of your investments may fluctuate. Past performance is not indicative of future returns. The returns of the model portfolio are only intended for indicative purposes, no rights can be derived from this. Returns are based on own calculations from reliable sources.

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