Vimco Luxembourg S.A. manages the assets of institutional investors, companies, families and individuals.

Discretionary management

With discretionary management you give Vimco's asset management specialists the right to make investment decisions about the composition of your investment portfolio on your behalf. This gives you the comfort that your assets are properly managed, so that you do not have to constantly follow stock market movements and financial news.  

How it works

To provide you with the best possible service in the future, we consider it important to learn something about the past. Behind each capital lies a unique story, which we would like to discuss with you in an introductory meeting. Of course, we will also explain our investment philosophy and seek opportunities for further cooperation.

It is important to determine your investment objective. Are you looking for preservation of capital, additional income, or aiming for capital growth? Your investment horizon is important as well. When the investment objective and horizon are known, a risk profile can be established. 

Based on these parameters, we will provide you with a non-binding investment proposal. This includes the investment strategy with which we expect to achieve your investment goals. You take the time to review the investment proposal at your convenience, after which we shall schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss the proposal. 

If you are satisfied with the investment proposal, we will open an investment account in your name with a custodian bank of your choosing. Thereafter, we will visit you four times a year to discuss the progress and potential changes in your situation. We strive for a sustainable long-term relationship based on mutual trust.

Interested? Contact us to schedule a non-binding meeting with one of or specialists.

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Institutional management

Vimco manages tailor made mandates for pension funds, family offices, insurance and investment companies, foundations and other institutional investors. This can be a mandate to invest in a particular region or sector, but the mandate can also be based on a specific market capitalization.

In the end, performance is what counts. The social field, however, requires to take more and more factors into account. For example, investments are required to be sustainable and socially responsible, and should consider the specific wishes of your constituency as well. Vimco is the right partner to assist you with these matters.

Managing risks, providing proper value for money, transparency in investment policies and clarity in reporting, that is what you can expect from us.

We would happily schedule an appointment with you to discuss the possibilities.

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